Conference venue

ETFA will be hosted by the International Centre for Conferences – CASINO Sinaia. Sinaia Casino was built at the initiative of Carol I, first king of Romania. Its construction began in 1912 and was finished one year later.

The main shareholder in the Casino was the Baron of Marçay, a shareholder in the Monte Carlo Casino as well. The opening was celebrated with a piano recital by George Enescu, becoming a major attraction between the wars. Nowadays the Casino is a beautiful international conference center (

An elegant and stylish terrace, a beautiful view over the town of Sinaia and the landscape of the Bucegi Mountains, a spectacular interior garden, a unique architecture: Casino Sinaia is still today a powerful symbol of a glorious past and a vivid present.

The Sinaia Casino is located in "Dimitrie Ghica" and can be easily reached by foot from Sinaia city centre and mosto f the accomodation options at the city.

ETFA 2023 Sinaia