Track 3 - Real-Time (and Networked) Embedded Systems

Track Chairs

Mohammad Ashjaei, Mälardalen University

Mohammad Ashjaei

Mälardalen University, Sweden
Gaetano Patti, University of Catania

Gaetano Patti

University of Catania, Italy

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Industry is increasingly permeated with embedded systems involved in complex functionality, distributed intelligence and adaptive behavior. Some of these features are deployed locally exploiting new powerful computing architectures while other are offloaded to peripheric or remote computing centers through ubiquitous connectivity and global networks. This track focuses on the challenges that arise from designing these systems, particularly given real-time, power, reliability, available resources and other constraints.

Topics under this track include (but not limited to)

  • Application and Platform models: Real-Time Computing; Real-Time and Embedded Operating Systems and Communications; Networked and Distributed Embedded Systems; Multi/Many Core Embedded Systems; Wireless Sensor (and Actuator) Networks; Cyber Physical Systems; Industrial Internet-of-Things; Integration with Cloud/Fog/Edge Computing; Time-sensitive networks
  • Design, Analysis and Deployment methods: Design Tools, Flows and Methodologies; Hardware/Software Co-Design; Components, Platforms and Re-Use; Synthesis and Code-Generation; Formal Methods; Verification and Validation; Data Integration and Fusion; Quality of Service; Timing and Schedulability Analysis; software development for embedded systems.
  • Architectures and System-wide issues: Distributed and System-on-Chip Architectures; Reconfigurable Real-Time Systems; Context-Aware and Self-Organizing Systems; Mixed-Criticality Real-Time Systems; Reliable and Fault-Tolerant Real-Time Systems; Energy and Performance Optimization; Software-Defined Networks; network configurations; Reconfiguration and self-configuration